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new fandoms make the babies cry

argh inception so many good fics so little time gibber gibber gibber this is not relaxing.


Writer's Block: Do you remember?

What is your earliest memory?

so apparently when i answer one of these for the first time, i can't just write an answer or a memory like a normal person. i have to write a story. so here it is.

the persistence of memory
pg original fic 539 words
polly can't remember her first memory

the persistence of memoryCollapse )
Victoria University Exam Results, Semester One 2010.

CLAS209: Bronze Age Aegean Art and Archaeology: A-
ENGL209: The Novel: B+
HIST239: History of the German Speaking Peoples: A-

Not too bad :D



so apparently when i really need to vent, i do it in verse

here goes, then

cutCollapse )