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Writer's Block: Everybody hurts

Have you or a friend ever been bullied? How did you get through it?

Day two of this whole thing. Here we go.

It didn’t take much. Just one little push, and suddenly he was flying. All the way across the yard he flew, and then with a crash he met the edge of the slide, the big red one. Crashsmashbash the bully went.

After him, Tommy shouted, “You’re a big bully! Don’t ever come near my friend again!” And then he stomped his foot for good measure. The ground shook underneath him.

It didn’t take long for the teachers to come running. Tommy knew they would scold him – they always did. But he had to protect Golly.

Tommy and Golly, that was how it had always been. Ever since they were born, or so mummy said. Inseparable. They weren’t real brothers (Tommy had a real brother, though, and he didn’t like him much, so maybe that wasn’t so bad), but they might as well have been. So it made sense that, when the time came, Tommy and Golly went to the same school.

Tommy loved school. He wanted to go there forever. But Golly hated it. He never wanted to go, always stayed home sick. And it was all Davey’s fault.

Davey was a big bully. Tommy knew about bullies, because they had been taught about them on the first day of school. The teacher had taught them to say “stop it, I don’t like it” whenever a bully tried to hurt them. Golly hadn’t started til the next week, and he hadn’t heard that talk. Maybe that was why he didn’t know how to stand up to Davey. So Tommy tried to do it for him.

He quickly found that “stop it, I don’t like it” didn’t really work. Yelling at Davey to go away sometimes did, but then Davey made friends, and they egged him on.

Like what had happened today, at recess. Davey had a new friend, a really rich one who had just come to the school. They had corned Golly, and had been throwing stones at him.

Tommy had been late coming out of class because he had helped the teacher clean up. But he had come out just in time to see Golly being corner, and the first rock being thrown. It hit Golly in the forehead, and made him bleed.

Tommy had gone storming over. “Pick on somebody your own size!” he had yelled. That was another good phrase for bullying, although Tommy had learned that one from TV, and not from the teachers. It didn’t really work either, but it did make Davey and his friends look around at Tommy. Golly took the opportunity to run. Most of Davey’s friends did too. But Davey stood there, so Tommy pushed him hard. Really hard. Tommy was big, and he had a lot of power, and Davey flew. And then the teachers came running.

One teacher picked Davey up, and the other escorted Golly (who was hiding in a bush) over to where Tommy was standing.

“But Davey was being mean,” Tommy protested before the teacher could get a word in. “He started it.” Golly nodded solemnly.

“I did not!” Davey yelled.

The teacher glared down at them. “Regardless,” she said, “violence is never the answer.”

She made them apologise to each other, and then they had detention. Golly went to the sick bay, and then he went home. In detention, Davey threw pencils at Tommy. Tommy threw them back, hard. He had to make Davey learn. He had to protect Golly.


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Sep. 2nd, 2011 07:08 pm (UTC)
Written in fine style.
At last found something to read for pleasure. Thanks for sharing.
Could I friend you, if you don't mind?
Sep. 3rd, 2011 12:42 am (UTC)
Thank you!

You are very welcome to add me as a friend :D
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